Access to Water - Shady Lion Partners with Hydro Reach Project

Shady Lion and The Hydro Reach Project Partner up to help increase funds for water access in remote areas across the globe.
Access to Water - Shady Lion Partners with Hydro Reach Project
Since it's inception Shady Lion has had the mission of helping those in need.  We are happy to announce that Shady Lion Coffee Co. and The Hydro Reach Project  have officially partnered up. 

The Hydro Reach Project was founded by Maurizio Tangari, inventor of the Onnit Hydrocore fitness tool, with his sole purpose to help make life easier in parts of the world where people must carry water, often miles from the closest source, back to their village or living area.  In many cases, the water may not even be clean, so the Hydro Reach has state of the art filters built into itmon top of easing the burden of carrying water by providing a bag that adapts and integrates with the human physique to allow for more water to be carried in a much more simple way. 

The Hydro Reach Project is founded on great principles, and we are happy to be working with them, helping contribute to providing more resources for those in need across the globe.  Be on the lookout for special Shady Lion and Hydro Reach Project Collaboration gear, where with each purchase, proceeds will be donated directly to helping people get better access to water. 

- Derek, Founder, Shady Lion Coffee Co.