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Signature Ethiopian Brazilian Muiraquitã
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La Jolla VIbe (Kona Blend) $38
Specialty coffee from the island of Kona.  Less than 1% of all coffee in the world is from Hawaii, making this a unique treat you're sure to enjoy.   Tasting notes: Rich cocoa and savory sugar and grapefruit flavors with tart citric acidity and a heavy mouthfeel.  Kiambu Region. Variety: Process: “Kenya Washed,” a washed process with an additional soak lasting from 12–72 hours. Elevation: 1700 meters. 
Ninja by NXXT Coffee (French / Espresso Roast) $25
Legend has it the Black Tiger Clan from the mountains surrounding...ok kidding.  But this roast was made specifically for the ninjas out there.  Assassins of the day and night.  This coffee is for you, and you know who you are.  Ninjas are often portrayed as mysterious people of the night, and they were, but they were also farmers, accountants, clerks, and every day people who served a higher calling.  Ninjas carried a sense of honor and nobility about them, and lived by a code, stealth, privacy, getting the job done.  Invite more ninja activities into your life with The Black Tiger Ninja Roast. Our Black Tiger Ninja Roast is our signature French Roast Blend.  It's a rich full body with moderate to low acidity. This blend produces sweet, nutty and smoky  with thick and heavy crema. Can be used as Dark Roast Espresso or French roast brewed coffee. Bittersweet, pungent and smoky.
Shady Lion Signature by NXXT Coffee (Ethiopian Sweet Lily) $34
Now AvailableShady Lion Ethiopian is tasty AF!  And if you don't know what that means, that's ok, you're probably a good person or over the age of 40 and it means you'll like it.  Our Ethiopian Sweet Lily is a Top 1% bean on the planet, aka this isn't your grandma's Folgers (we love you grandma). This is top notch sweet deliciousness coming at you from the ancient spirit and origins of the coffee world.  It's a medium roast which for an Ethiopian coffee is a mellow ride packed full of natural aroma and sweet flavors.  If you're a fan of pour over you'll notice a great golden froth on top brought to you by the rich soils and beautiful people of Ethiopia. Also with every bag purchased we have a fund setup where proceeds will be going directly to special projects and possibly even individual families and communities in need in Ethiopia (more to come on this later). Thank you for your purchase and while you're here, hit the like and share button, follow us on social, tell a friend, and sign up for our email newsletter if you'd like to know about new releases, giveaways, and anything else that makes sense (we don't like spam either so we wont flood your inbox!).
French Vanilla (Flavored) Single Origin 100% Arabica $25
Flavored coffee is wild.  The most common thing we hear about our flavored coffee is WTF, why does this smell and taste so good? Our French Vanilla is the same premium quality coffee you can expect from our brand, with a twist. While the dominant flavor is obviously french vanilla, if you want go deeper the flavor notes include Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Hazelnut.  A medium roast, this coffee is 100% Arabica grown between 1200-1500 ft of altitude and is a single origin.  We flavor the coffee daily for roasting so it gets to you at peak freshness.  Coffee so good you can smell it when it arrives.
Muiraquitã by NXXT Coffee (Brazil) from $25
Muiraquitã A Muiraquitã is a symbol of fortune, good luck, prosperity and fertility.  The specific design on this bag is from a region of Brazil in the far north, where the frog is carved out in tiny amulets and often hung on a string as a necklace, to be gifted to one another.  It is very common for it to be presented to guests, new friends, and visitors to the region. Primarily carved out of jade, other stone, or wood, we chose this as the symbol for our Brazilian Cerrado because we want your coffee to be a symbol of prosperity and good fortune for you too.  This origin comes from the Cerrado region of Brazil, known for the highest quality beans in the country. The World's largest producer of coffee, responsible for one-third of coffee consumed on the planet. It is grown on nearly 300,000 farms, where it is generally strip-picked and processed using the dry method. Light in body and medium-low in acidity, Brazilian beans are characterized by their earthy, nutty undertones. All coffee is roasted daily and fresh! 
Organic Ethiopian $32
USDA Certified 100% Organic Ethiopian Blueberry, Dark Chocolate, Creamy
Mayan Swiss Water Decaf (USDA Certified Organic) $25
We won't judge your caffeine free choice.  As long as there's coffee in your cup you're a winner in our book. This USDA Certified Organic Mayan is a beautiful thing. It's Swiss Water process means it's 100% chemical free ensuring you pure quality.  Complex flavor, smooth full body, medium acidity, thick and heavy crema, with hints of nut and chocolate flavors.  USDA Certified 100% Organic 
Kung Fu Coconut (Flavored) $22
Coconut coffee.  Say no more?  But we will anyways...  This delicious flavored coffee is 100% Arabica with the same pure quality you'd expect from us.  Tasting notes: Coconut with a mild Chocolate Acidity: Low Body: Medium Sweetness: Average
Samurai Sumatra USDA Certified Organic $29
This USDA Certified Organic coffee from Sumatra originates in ancient soils.  Our Samurai roast is created for the warriors out there carving their path of greatness. Bakers Chocolate, Black Pepper, Fruity Low Aciditiy Deep Coffee Flavors Indonesia's Finest Coffee  
Organic Espresso Supreme - Italian Style $24
This is a 100% Organic Espresso Supremo, Italian Style baby!! What most people find is that they make dark roasts when they make coffee at home because the flavor of the coffee that is mass produced and that you find at grocery stories is actually pretty bad.  With this roast we continue our quest to help every coffee lover discover what great coffee actually tastes like, and so we deliver you yet another beauitful medium roast! This coffee has a complex flavor, smooth full body, medium acidity, thick and heavy crema, with hints of nut and chocolate flavors.  You will love it!
Organic Mexican Altura - Altitude and Dignity $23
USDA Certified 100% Organic Mexican Altura.  Altura, the Spanish name for ‘altitude’ and also ‘dignity’ at some times, celebrates this truly Mexican spirit with supreme quality beans that are washed, and mechanically de-pulped or de-mucilaged before they migrate to your kitchen.  This coffe captures perfectly the essence of the amazing mountains in Mexico’s central and southern provinces, performing in each cup of Mexican Altura. Mexican Altura features a light body and medium acidity, with a fragrant, floral aroma and mild earthy undertones.


We started this company for people like us. People who enjoy nice things. Who love things that taste great, look great, are great, and have a great energy to them. We started off with just coffee, but as our team evolved and our passions, we also evolved the brand. While you see NXXT - Which stands for "Next Level" as our brand across our latest items, you also see "Shady Lion Coffee" on many things too. We started off as Shady Lion Coffee, and that will always remain our roots, but all good things change and so from our competition-grad Jiu Jitsu and MMA Rash Guards, to our everyday gear like hats and hoodies, or our Next Level journal for life, we are all about bringing you products that elevate your energy. - Derek LaCrone, Founder

La Jolla Vibe (Kona Line)


Most likely the coffee you drink is not very good and you don't even know it. It's ok, many of our customers were right where you are. Just trying to get a quick fix, not realizing that their whole coffee experience could be way better, from taste to smell to feel. We roast the highest quality beans with cup ratings (fancy coffee term) of up to the low. and mid 90's. Your coffee might score an 80 on a good day.

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There's a lot of marketing gimmicks out there, and don't even get us started on people advertising their coffee as "gluten free," if it's not gluten-free then it's not coffee! LOL. Most of the stickers you see at the grocery store these days are paid for and it's almost like there's an "organic" and "local" mafia where if you buy into the club you can say your beef from Brazil was "Packaged locally." Don't fall for weak marketing gimmicks, coffee is coffee and there. is good coffee and there is coffee that's not as good. Our coffee is great and one of the most common things we hear. is "I didn't know coffee could taste like this." We know coffee, so from selecting the beans to roasting them and packing them at peak freshness, our whole process is dialed in to deliver you the best. Yes, your order is only roasted after you actually order it, so it's not sitting in a warehouse somewhere hoping you buy it. If you order it right now, we will roast it during our normal roasting hours of Monday through Friday and ship it to you as soon as it's degassed and packaged.

Signature Ethiopian

The Famous Roast

This Sweet Lily Ethiopian has a point rating of 92-92 making it one of the top 1% rated coffees on the planet. Better flavor and a better coffee experience.

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