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Our Ethiopian is in the top 1% rated coffee bean on earth

Ethiopian Medium Roast Coffee Subscriptions

Ethiopian Coffee

Our signature line, Shady Lion Ethiopian

Ethiopian Medium Roast Coffee Subscriptons


With a consumer facing cup rating in the 90's, that's a full grade letter above what you'll find anywhere else. You can taste the difference, and our natural processing ensures you're getting clean, gourmet coffee.

Roasted Fresh to Order

We roast it when you order it. This isn't sitting in a warehouse somewhere in a package hoping you buy it before it starts tasing weird. This is coffe delivered at it's peak freshness so it's always good when it arrives to your home, office, or wherever you send it.

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The Royalty Subscription (2x bags)

Ethiopian Coffee

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Our Ethiopian Sweet Lily is a PREMIUM Ethiopian coffee bean, and it's one of the top 1% on the planet.

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About Us

The energy you put into things matters, and the energy we wanted to bring to your every day life through high quality coffee, gear, and sinpiration is what you see with Shady Lion. Our Ethiopian Sweet lily coffee is rated as one of the top 1% quality of coffee bean you can find on the planet, and our other roasts, flavors, and everything we put out is aimed at unleashing the beast on a daily basis. Yes Lion's are ferocious, but they're also tranquil, collaborative, protective, and a vital part of ecosystem. So when you're a lion, you're many things. We hope you enjoy what we produce as much as we enjoy making it.

What Are Folks Saying About Shady Lion?


I got to try a bag before they even opened up and it was SUPER GOOD!!! This is not your basic bean. Excited to level up my coffee game and get bags of this in the mail each month.

RUN DLC Verified

Shady Lion rocks. Seems like everything they do is high quality, I have their rashguard, coffee....and will probably just keep buying stuff they put out haha.

Mike G.

Amazing coffee... it's really smooth and naturally sweet. Changed my opinion on what good coffee at home is.