Hi there. This not your average contact page for a business, and I’ll tell you why. Because we love talking and making things as transparent, fun, and real as possible, so we’ll share a few things with you just in case you are reading this before you reach out to us.

We believe that we should ALWAYS do our best. Absolute terms like “always,” “never,” “everybody,” are not things we like to use because they are generally not accurate. For example, you can’t even truthfully say “the sun always rises in the west” because every so many million years due to the rotation of the earth on it’s tilted axis, that changes. So anyways…we believe we should always do our best. And we try, that’s our commitment to you.

I say this because there’s a few different type of communications that usually come to businesses.

1. Complaints. These stink, but we will take them seriously. If you have a complaint we would rather hear it that have it put out on social and review sites, because then we can correct it. So if you have any kind of problem with your experience with us in any way, we sincerely appreciate you bringing it directly to us so we can do our best to resolve its quickly and as best as possible. We take kindness and service very seriously when we aren’t playing around having a good time playing with our beans.
2. Business Inquiries. These are great. Send them on over. You can even find us on social @shadylion and we do our best to engage and respond on Instagram and other social accounts. You can also email derek@shadylion.com or use WhatsApp to communicate 1.305.733.2953
3. Thank you! Yup, love these. Feel free to send us any great things you’d like to share with us about Shady Lion Coffee. We love great news so thank you for sharing.
4. Questions. Those are welcome too. Whether it’s about a subscription or a large or custom order, bring it on! We love questions.
5. Other. Right now I can’t think of any other reasons to contact us but if you don’t see what you’re looking for doesn’t mean you can’t give it a try!

Thank you for being the biggest part of what makes Shady Lion Coffee Co. so great. We literally couldn’t do it without you! #rawr

Email: derek@shadylion.com
Instagram: @Shadylioncoffee
WhatsApp: +1 305 733 2953


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