Overpaying for Not Good Coffee?

Overpaying for Not Good Coffee?

This post is from an email that was sent out to Shady Lion Coffee Co email subscribers on Sunday May 28, 2023:

I can't believe I'm sharing this with you, but I did it.  I literally run a coffee company and I ran out of coffee.  It was an honest error.  I had done some podcasts, and had friends stop by, brewing what seemed like cauldrons of coffee plus getting feedback on the new roasts that were in the lab, and next thing you know I was looking at a half bag of La Jolla Vibe remaining and wouldn't be able to grab some from the roaster until after the weekend.  So I did it.  I bought a bag of coffee at Whole Foods.  It was $20.00, a little bit more than a lot of what was on the shelf, but less than others.  The packing looked solid and overall I was like sure, this is a $20 bag of coffee, it should be good.

It. Sucked. 

So I want to say sorry to all of our customers.  We hear often things like "I didn't know coffee could taste this good."  Or, "Wow...what have I been drinking that I thought was coffee?"  We're happy and proud to say that when people drink our coffee they have an experience and feeling of what true coffee is from some of the best people and regions on the planet. The sorry is for "ruining" coffee for you because I now know what happens when you run out or have coffee somewhere and it's just not the same hehe.

By the way, have you checked out our website or Instagram lately?  I've been working on the website A LOT, and the subscription options are fresh and clean, all dialed in.  We have broken the website down into different styles, including Shady Lion, NXXT, Brazilian, and La Jolla Vibe.  We've also added some really really cool clothing and accessories for living life a certain way - with crisp clean energy and a ferocity for attacking the day.  Let's call it "Next Level Living."

Oh yeah... the Instagram.  It's @ShadyLionCoffee and our new social media manager is having a TON of fun today I hunched over laughing at her Joe Pesci reel.  If you haven't seen it here's the link, don't be shy to share it and laugh aloud too.  Warning, while most of them have been family-friendly, this one dropped a liiitttllleee bit of a swear word (I mean c'mon, it is Joe Pesci) Click here to see it 

I have one more thing for you too, and it's a little favor.  We get to hear from you via email, social media, and even at the gym, and we know that our customers are super happy with the quality of coffee and other items they pick up on our store, but you know who doesn't know?  New people that visit our website.  So I have been told I should start fishing for reviews.  If you have a spare moment, and feel inclined, I'd sincerely appreciate you heading over to www.ShadyLion.com and leaving a review for anything you've tried and enjoyed.

Lastly, thank you. Thank you to everyone who has helped keep our country special, unique, and protected as much as possible for the last 200+ years.  We have a mindset in the United States that not many other countries have, and regardless of the chaos and turmoil surrounding a lot of things these days, we are doing alright for a few hundred million talking apes that are still fascinated by fire and sticks.  This is a great weekend to appreciate and be grateful that we have a lot of choices to live our lives how we feel best.  


Derek LaCrone