Coffee Statistics - People Love Coffee

Coffee Statistics - People Love Coffee

Coffee Statistics - 2022

Shady Lion Coffee Co. Nov 2022

Here's some fun things and data points about coffee that we didn’t fact check or verify at all. But they sound cool, so let’s just go along with it like the mainstream media does.

Fascinating: A coffee plant can live up to 100 years. The average is 40-50 years when properly cared for.  Pretty cool.

Coffee and The United States

+ 64% of US adults drink coffee daily.

+ Approximately 400 Million Cups of Coffee are consumed daily (in the US)

+ 146 Billions cups per year sipped on (In the US)

+ More women like coffee (66%) than men (62%) - yes we know there’s a lot of talk in the world about genders but our research was pretty basic so thanks for understanding

+ 79% of people who enjoy coffee make it at home… whoa!

+ 35% of coffee consumed is black with nothing added to it. #NotSoSweet

+ on Average a coffee drinker in the US enjoys 3.1 cups per day (how big of a cup though…?)

+75% of caffeine consumed in the US is coffee


+ 110-120 million bags of coffee are produced in the world every year.  We have no idea the average size of these bags or if it means big bags and small bags and medium bags, just bags, that’s all we got!

+average cup sizes by country:

U.S. 9oz

Japan 6.7oz (200 milliliters)

Canada 7.6oz (227 milliliters)

+ Over 50% of coffee drinkers would rather skip a shower than their cup of coffee #NotAddicted

+ Drinking Coffee is associated to higher incomes

+48% of millennials consume gourmet coffee (or at least coffee they are told is gourmet :P)

+9% of coffee drinkers use an app to order it

We hope you enjoyed some fun coffee facts, and let us know what you’d like to know about coffee for our future articles!

Shady Lion Coffee Co.,

Derek LaCrone